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5000B Gas Chromatograph

KONIK-Tech is a leading European designer and manufacturer of innovative High Resolution and Fast Gas Chromatography Systems (HRGC), High Performance Liquid Chromatography Systems (HPLC), patented Hyphenated HPLC+GC Systems, unique combined HRGC/HPLC/DIP-Mass Spectrometers (MS) with QUAD analyzers, automatic sample preparation and introduction systems for HRGC, HPLC and MS, such as Liquid Autosamplers for GC and HPLC (AS), Head Space (HS), Purge and Trap (P&T), Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME), Thermal Desorption, MicroChemical Stations (MCS) and Fraction Collector (FC).

The scope of supply is focussed in addition to Universities and Government Research Centres towards R&D and QC Laboratories of many industries: agro-food, beverages, chem-pharma, environment (air and water), flavourings, forensic and medicine, industrial/chemical, natural products, petroleum and petrochemistry, polymers/plastics,...

Suggestions and/or comments sales@konik-group.com

If you want to know where you can purchase our equipments, please, feel free to contact the sales person that is in charge of your country:

Sales Manager: Dr. David Alonso · david.alonso@konik-group.com

Sales Area Managers
Spain and Portugal: Dra. María José Alcón · mariajose.alcon@konik-group.com

Europe, Russia and Turkey: Dr. David Alonso · david.alonso@konik-group.com
USA, Canada and Latin America: Dra. Ileana Garcia · ileana.garcia@konik-group.com

Middle East, Africa and Asia: Dr. Soubhi Altaki · david.alonso@konik-group.com
French Speaking Countries: Mr. Thomas Rutayisire · thomas.rutayisire@konik-group.com

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