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The KONIK GC's, HPLC's, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, stand alones and Multidimensional Systems HPLC+GC, HPLC+GC-MS, along with their associated multimodal robotics for sample preparation and introduction to them such as: Head Space, Purge & Trap, micro Solid, Phase Extraction, Thermal Desorbtion, etc… Are being used by thousands of customer for hundreds of applications in the five continents.
An ever increasing number of applications are available. Our Company policy is attempt to offer you specific information and equipment, tailor made to your needs, hence in order to be able to send to you the specific, and more appropriate information in line with your defined interest, please fill and return the below form:


If you are interested in any application, please send the applications request form to applications.lab@konik-grup.com