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KONIK is in the process of developing two new Clinical Analyzers:

1· KONIK KLINILYZER for early detection of metastasis and some types of cancer and infectious disease based on known ELISA antigen-antibody tests. These have been modified to include a molecular amplificartion step prompting highest sensitivity and hence earlier diagnostics and more acouratte prognosis.

2· KONIK METABOLIZER, an innovative Analytical Molecular Analyzer, to contribute effectively to complement and replace advantageously other analytical tools for tracing disease and nutritional biomarkers, and to contribute to the mapping of the Human Metabolome.

Both products are thoroughly innovative as they are covered by several world wide patents.

The KONIK KLINILYZER will be introduced into the world markets sometime in the course of 2011. It is the result of a bilateral cooperation agreement sponsored by the Spanish Government. The KONIK METABOLIZER project has been submitted for preliminary founding to the Generalitat of Catalonia.