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Scheduled participation (through stand or literature presentation) at the listed International Conferences and Exhibits where KONIK will introduce the latest models and innovations.

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Feria Internacional de La Habana
Konik has participated in the fair FIHAV 2012, held in Havana (Cuba) from 4 to 10 November 2012

The Montreux LC/MS 2012 conference
Dr. Josep M. Gibert 29th had participated on the LC / MS Montreux Symposium with a presentation entitled "Multidimensional HPLC + GC-MS vs. LC-MS-MS: Extended Use for Non-volatile and Polar Compounds in Clinical Analysis Using On-line Derivatization"

MULTIDIMENSIONAL HPLC+GC-MS K2Q12 at the University of Granada (Spain)
We have successfully completed installation of the innovative Multidimensional HPLC+GC-MS Konik K2Q12 System at the University of Granada (Spain) (see photo).
The system includes the Patented Konik Derivatizer, a revolutionary on-line derivatization system that extends the arrange of applications of the K2Q12 System to the analysis polar non volatile substances by GC-MS. The system complements and replaces advantageously tandem MS-MS Systems by simplifying sample preparation by the HPLC front end, lowering detection limits in the TOTAD HPLC+GC and enrichment interfaces, while allowing selective detection of the target analytes as well as unknowns in a white variety of samples matrices.

MULTIDIMENSIONAL HPLC+GC-MS K2Q12 at the international HALAL conference at Kualalumpur
Konik introduced the benefits of the MULTIDIMENSIONAL HPLC+GC-MS KONIK K2Q12 at the international HALAL conference at Kualalumpur.
In the attached photo, Dt. Gibert commenting of the benefits of the benefits of this powerful, Patented Multidimensional technique to asses Halal quality to pharmaceutical and food products the challenges being faced in determination of Halal quality of pharmaceutical and food products can be advantageously satisfied by simplifying sample preparation protection integrity of the sampling matrices and enhancing trazability of minor constituency lowering detection limits and preventing and wanted on desirable interferences by multiple selectivity steps does replacing alternative tandem MS-MS analytical procedures.



ISC 2010 - Valencia, September 12 – 16 www.isc2010.eu

Our Managing Director Dr. Josep M. Gibert has presented an oral presentation entitled “MULTIDIMENSIONAL HPLC+GC-MS: EXTENDED USE FOR NON-VOLATILE AND POLAR COMPOUNDS USING ON-LINE DERIVATIZATION”. Our innovative, patented, multidimensional KONIK K2Q12 HPLC+HRGC-MS system earlier used advantageously in the analysis of volatiles and semi-volatiles has been successfully used to determination of polar, non-volatile, substances. These new applications are based on a patented, automated, on-line derivatization approach.
Extending the range of applications of our combined LC-GC technology to the analysis of non-volatile and polar substances, has been achieved by automatic derivatization of compounds in the GC inlet through the KONIK TOTAD® interface. The presented applications include phenolic compounds in cocoa samples and drug impurities in illicit drugs…all by direct injection of sample extracts into the HPLC and analysis of the on-line formed silyl derivatives into the coupled KONIK GC-MS without any prior sample clean-up step.

This system simplifies sample handling; the derivatization step is totally automatized and faster than in off-line methodology, reduces total analysis time, the use of solvents and sample consumption, especially important in several fields, such as forensic analysis. The on-line derivatization HPLC+GC system also reduces significantly the total cost of analysis while maintaining sample integrity, increasing recovery and improving detection limits. Finally, the on-line LC+GC-MS approach guarantees GC column integrity due to less derivatization by-products introduction into the system.
The KONIK Multidimensional HPLC+GC-MS System offers clean cut advantages vs. LC-MS-MS systems, as the KONIK K2Q12 can be used for target analytes determination with higher selectivity than MS-MS, as well as allows lower detection limits than HPLC-MS-MS and/or GC-MS-MS, while being quite universal as facilitates low level determination of any organics (volatiles, semi-volatiles and non-volatiles), in any sample matrix with minimum or no-sample preparation.
This breath taking innovative technology is complemented by a Universal Quantification option, the KONIK Quantitator, that eliminates de use of calibration standards. The overall KONIK, breakthroughs, as complement and replace existing technologies, are finding their way in many fields such as metabolomics, natural and pharmaceutical products, drugs, forensics and toxicology, environmental and industrial hygiene, and petroleum and bio-fuels fingerprinting among other.


PITTCON 2010 - Orlando, February 28 - March 5 (KONIK Booth # 1213) www.pittcon.org

The Konik Group will participate in the PIttcon 2010 Exhibition.

Konik Instruments, Inc.- Our company will feature a fully renovated and expanded product line that has incorporated the Multidimensional
HPLC+GC K2 PLUS based on the renewed HPLC 600 and the HRGC 5000B, the RoboKrom Autoinjector fully upgradable to the Multidimensional
RoboKrom Autosampler, the smashing high performance/low cost KONIK Q2 GC-MS EI/CI specially designed for dedicated GC/MS and
HPLC+GC-MS, the Purgue & Trap on line and the revolutionary KONIK QUANTITATOR, patented option to be attached to the Konik GC-MS, for
complete quantification of any organic compound without requiring individual calibration standards for each analyte.

 We will also particípate in the Technical programm with two oral communications:
·Food Science – Sensory and Component Analyses
Analysis of Phenolic Compounds in Plant Foods and Beverages by on-line Derivatization HPLC+HRGC-MS Multidimensional System
JOSEP MARIA GIBERT, KONIK Tech S.A., Nieves Sarrión, Jose Antonio Muñoz, Ariadna Galve, Ileana García
·Clinical and Toxicological Analyses
Application of On-line Multidimensional HPLC+HRGC-MS System to Forensic Toxicology
DAVID ALONSO, KONIK Tech S.A., Nieves Sarrión, Jose Antonio Muñoz, Ariadna Galve, Roger Gibert, Josep M Gibert

KONIK Booth at Pittcon, March 2010, Orlando, Florida & a group of KONIK Distributors heading towards a bussines lunch.

ANALYTICA 2010 - Munich, March 23 – 26 (KONIK Booth # A1.246) www.analytica.de

Thank you very much for the time you spent with us in our booth during the ANALYTICA tradeshow last week in Munich (Germany). We wish you had a pleasant and interesting time. We are pleased to annouce you that the person awarded with the FC Barcelona 2009 World Top Player Mr. Lionnel Messi’s T-shirt has been: Dr. Markus Radzom from BASF, Germany. The prize will be sent by courrier to the winner. Here you will be able to find some pictures of last Friday the 26th of March were draw resolution took place in presence of other exhibitors and attendants, as well as find information about our innovative European range of proprietary KONIK GC, HPLC, HPLC+GC, GC-MS, HPLC-MS, and HPLC+GC-MS, RoboKrom, and Absolute Universal KONIK Quantitator, covered by more than ten patents. Expecting to meet you again in next ANALYTICA 2012, we remain looking forward to hear from you soon, do not hesitate to contact us for any question you might have. In the meantime, we would like to thank you again for visiting us.


10 July 2009


L'empresa santcugatenca Konixbert High-Tech, dedicada a la producció d'analitzadors moleculars per a laboratoris, ha estat guardonada amb un dels premis Cambra a la responsabilitat corporativa. El jurat li ha otorgat aquest premi per aconseguir un creixement sostingut a curt, mitjà i llarg termini amb una gestió 'que promou les accions de Responsabilitat Social Corporativa'. Aquest és el tercer guardó que aquesta multinacional rep de la Cambra de Terrassa. El president de Konixbert Hi-tech S.A., Josep Maria Gibert, s'ha mostrat satisfet per rebre un guardó de factor humà. “Ens ha sorprès gratament perquè és el tercer guardó que ens dóna la Cambra. És un mèrit de tot el col•lectiu i ens satisfà que ens reconeguin tot el nostre esforç.” Josep Maria Gibert


   Cambra '09 Awards
           "Economia" Newspaper front page, 10 July

29 June 2009

The New KONIK 5000B as highlighted by the Pittcon 2009 GC Systems and Accesories Review

GC Instruments

...The model 5000B from Konik brings additional horsepower
to the company's offerings in a system that is useful for standard
GC analyses as well as conventional multidimensional methods.
In addition, this system can perform high performance liquid
chromatography (HPLC)–GC or HPLC–GC×GC separations

   Pittcon 2009 GC Systems and Accesories Review

22 June 2009

IKAI (courses, analysis services)

On June the 22nd the first monographic course will take place. In order to get more information related to the different courses please contact IKAI (courses, analysis services).

8-13 March 2009



20-24 October 2008





We are pleased to confirm that the upcoming KONIK SALES & SERVICE TRAINING will take place in Sant Cugat from the 17th to the 21st of November


09.2007 KONIK participation at Congresso Analitica Latin America 2007, Sao Paulo, Brazil 09.2007 KONIK stand of the Analitica Latin America 2007 in cooperation with GAIA INSTRUMENTS. Mr. Edmilson Teixeira, Mr. Glaucio Alvez  and Dr. Gibert. The innovated and patented combined multidimensional and multimodal KONIK HPLC+HRGC K2 MSQ12 is displayed on their side.


09.2007 KONIK participation at the seminar ADVANCES IN PESTICIDE RESIDUAL ANALYSIS

  KONIK-Tech was very pleased to participate in the successful SAC days organized by our Distributors in Thailand, Sithiphorn Co.

In the picture our Managing Director Dr. Josep M. Gibert presenting the innovative “KONIK Pesticilizer ®” (pesticide residue analyzer) to the expert audience (next picture). The KONIK Pestilizer ® is based in our innovative, patented, multidimensional KONIK K2 HPLCxHRGC,  a unmatched brake through that simultaneously gives you lower detection limits, reduce total analysis time, reduces significantly the use of solvents, eliminates de tedious extraction steps in liquid samples, and hence reduces significantly the total cost of analysis while maintaining sample integrity. KONIK-Tech has developed and patented methods for pesticide residue analysis in vegetables and edible oils. Proven applications include sterols ion edible oils, PAH in mineral oils, PCB’s in transformer oils, endocrine disruptors and metabolites in urine…all by direct injection of the sample into the HPLC and compound class analysis into the KONIK HRGC, and/or KONIK HRGC-MS Q12 without any prior sample preparation.  

09.2007 KONIK participation at the seminar ADVANCES IN MULTIDIMENSIONAL & MULTIMODAL Chromatography

Presentation, with the cooperation with FIKRAH TECHNOLOGY, our  distributor in Malaysia, of new and original applications (some patented) for the full range of innovative KONIK Multimodal-Multidimensional Systems. Specifically to the analysis of Bio Fuels, Bio Diesel and Gasohol. Malaysia is the world largest producer of Palm Oil one of the most important renewable sources of energy feeding diesel engines. The unique analytical solutions of KONIK for Bio Diesel, that include automatic principle components analysis (fatty acid esters, glycerol,…) as well as minor and trace components such as pesticides residues prompted interest in many key Malaysian Institutions. Contact us for the corresponding KONIK-Tech Docs and Application Notes


KONIK-TECH, specialized in the design and manufacture of laboratory analyzers has been awarded by the design of a unique analytical instrument in the world that combines three techniques of analysis and allows to examine the present substances in foods, pharmaceutical products, petroleum and derivatives, and environmental samples (air and water), among others.


The event successfully organised and promoted by the reputed Scientific Services Co of El-Saady family, KONIK’s distributor in Egypt, gathered more than one hundred attendees from all sectors of activities. Dr. Josep M. Gibert, Managing Director of the KONIK Group, addressing the high level professional audience, was the main speaker at the event.

Mohamed El Saady and his sons Fakher and Amr, surrounding Dr. Josep M. Gibert
together with all the sales and service team of Scientific Services.