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Examples of applications using
KONIK ROBOKROM B series and KONIK HRGC 4000 B Gas Chromatograph:

Determination of Trihalometanes in water by purge and trap using KONIK ROBOKROM MULTIMODE AUTOSAMPLER


Please contact the Applications Lab for additional information and applications.
E-mail: applications.lab@konik-group.com



The new KONIK ROBOKROM B Series Autosampler is a powerful multimode autosampler that meets the most demanding requirements of sensitivity, performance, accuracy and precision. Can be configured in +8 different working modes:




  • Purge & Trap

  • SPME




The ROBOKROM can be expanded with a second arm to a MICROCHEMICAL STATION combining heating, stirring, standards addition, evaporation, dosing, concentration, drying and injecting in a single autosampler.


General Specifications

  • X-Y-Z Displacements

  • Symmetrical Horizontal Arm: Microcontroller can be located at either side

  • Vertical Arm: helds the needles and all syringes

  • 3 interchangeable Vial Trays: for 32 vials of 6, 10 or 20 ml, 105 vials of 3ml and 171 vials of 1 ml

  • Optional Tray Temperature Control (TTC): all vials can be heated or cooled from 5şC to 70şC in stand-by mode

  • Easy Menu Driven Interactive Programming or through KoniKontrol® Software via Konikrom PLUS® Software


HRGC+HRGC-MS - HPLC+HPLC-MS Autosampler | Static Head Space Autosampler | Dynamic Head Space Autosampler (P&T) | SPµE Autosampler | Fraction Collector | Microstation Autosampler for Sample Preparation | Thermal Desorber



  • Accepts a wide range of syringes from 0.5 to 1000 µl

  • Programmable Injection Volume

  • Injection with Solvent or Air Plug, before and after the sample injection

  • Programmable Plunger Speed from 1µl/s to 5ml/s depending on the syringe type. Handles wide range of sample viscosity

  • Adjustable Plunger Speed for syringe cleaning and injection

  • Programmable needle introduction speed for Septum Protection

  • Pre and post cleaning with different solvents

  • Free from carry-over effects

  • Pre-column derivatization

  • Internal Standard Addition

  • Dual Channel/Double Injection: Same or different samples

Static Head Space Autosampler
For the analysis of solvents and residual monomers, alcoholemics,... 

  • Temperature Control in three different blocks: Tray, Pre Desorbtion and Desorbtion (up to 300şC)

  • Different Injection Volumes: Programmable Injection Time

  • All temperatures and times programmable

  • Magnetic Vial  Movement

  • Electronic Pressure Control (EPC) for vial pressurization

  • Optional Sample Stirring

  • Maximum Productivity with working cycle optimization

  • Optional fixed loop sampling

Dynamic Head Space Autosampler (P&T)
For the analysis of VOC's, waste water, soils,...

  • Optional Tray Temperature Control (up to 70şC)

  • All parameters are user programmable: purge time, preinjection time, desorbtion time, ...

  • All Temperatures programmables: transfer line, valve, initial trap, desorb trap, baked trap,...

  • Electronic Flow Control (EPC) for purge volume mesurament

  • All traps available: tenax, charcoal, mixtures,...

SPµE Autosampler
Using conventional microfibers.

  • Easy and Realiable Extraction Concentration Method

  • Solvent Saving

  • Allows Sample Concentration: liquid, solid or gas samples

  • High Selectivity dpending on extracting fiber

  • Temperature control (Purge and Desorbtion)

  • Wie range of fibers

  • Optional Sample Stirring

Fraction Collector

  • Automatic and sequential sample collectiong by time

  • 32, 105 or 171 collectors

  • Optional baseline monitoring (UV-VIS)

  • Automatic waste collection

  • Vials of 1, 2, 6 10 or 20 ml

  • Intelligent volume calculation

Microstation Autosampler for Sample Preparation

  • Automatic and sequential sample processing

  • Options: evaporation, concentration by volatilization, drying, oncentration adjustment (controlled dosing of reagents, standards and/or solvents),...

  • Utmost reproducibility, linearity, precision and accuracy. User error free operation

Thermal Desorber

  • Purge and Trap with vial movement, heating and cryogenic option

Konik Robokrom in HS mode

Konik Robokrom in SPME mode


Frontal view and accessories