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Over these years Konik has introduced a number of significant innovations and/or pioneered the development of design options of them, later adopted by other instrument manufacturers. We are proud to share with our customers this historical background backed by our customers satisfaction all over the world.


Normalized Chassis - 1976 to date

Module dimensions were "ergonomically" normalized and have been maintained. This facilitates instruments reconfiguration and modernization as well as servicing at very low cost. No other instrument manufacturer can claim normalization of modules and subassemblies over these period of time. Unique to Konik!

High Sensitivity FID + Quartz JET - 1976 to date

The Konik FID has proven to be the most linear and sensitive of any manufactured. Its design allows the collection of any ions (+ or - at will) as they are forced through the collector. A floating quartz jet and make-up gas control take care of the rest. Unique to Konik!

Linearized ECD + Make-Up Control - 1978 to date

When Konik developed this pulsed detector it optimized it for packed as well as megabore and capillary columns, adding control of the make-up (N2 or Ar/CH4 recommended) to enhance response, irrespective of carrier gas used, allowing adjustment of pulse frequency and amplitude. Unique to Konik!

ColdSeptum Multimode Septum Purge-Less Injector
- 1999

The ColdSeptum® (patent pending) capillary (split/split-less) / packed column multimode injector introduces a forced flow concept, with interchangeable liners of different volumes available. The benefits of this unique design is that it prevents any discrimination of volatiles while optimizing fast transfer of the analytes to the column head as the injector is leak tight in addition. Only the needle tip surface piercing the septum is in contact with the injector chamber eliminating bleeding into the chamber. Unique to Konik!

Low Pressure Mixing 4 Solvents HPLC - 1985 to date

In 1985 the leading HPLC companies were all doing "high pressure mixing" for gradient formation. This limited the choice to two solvents and implied severe problems of reproducibility when mixing in the 0-5% range due to solvent compressibility. Konik introduced, developed and promoted a low pressure mixing, based in the patented pump head design and the ability to choose from up to 4 solvents. Today most manufacturers promote low-pressure mixing as the most flexible choice to solvent programming.

High Precision Oven ±0.1º Stability Displayed - 1999

Fast Heating + Cooling Oven. Unique 5ºC to 490ºC Temperature Range. Since 1986 our forced flow cooling ovens allow reaching equilibration in less than 5 minutes. Reduced thermal mass of the oven walls, double circulation and "smart" convection induce the rest. The Konik HRGC 4000 has intrinsic stability of ±0.01º and displays ±0.1ºC in the LCD. There is no other GC in the world displaying 0.1ºC, so there is no other GC more reproducible than the K-4000. Unique to Konik!

EPC and Digital Flow Control - 1995 to date

Electronic pressure programming of the detector gases and true mass flow control for carrier and detector gases simplifies automation and control for carrier gas. Positive and negative ramps, flow programming irrespectively of column and carrier gas used. Unique to Konik!

3rd Generation of µ-controllers - 1996 to date

A large screen display and menu dialog in many optional languages makes the Konik HRGC 4000 controller, based on an Intel© microprocessor, the most advanced of its kind.Simple 8 functions key opens a chromatographers dialog to program all parameters. Unique to Konik!

Penta Purpose Multimode Autosampler
- 1999 to date

Introduced at Pittcon'99, named KONIK KMAS5, now
: optional kits make ROBOKROM a pentapurpose: GC/LC/Head Space/Purge&Trap/SPE, Thermal Desorber Autosampler. Field upgradable from any one to any other mode. Unique to Konik!

PTV (programmed temperature vaporized injector)
- 2000 to date

Allows the injection of a large sample volume without concentration. Time savings. Temperature programming from –90 to 400ºC at heating rate up to 10ºC/min. The Konik PTV allows different packing liners. Allows splitless time and cooling time programming. EPC for carrier gas. Purge-less injector.

Dual FID-FPD Detector
- 2000 to date

The first dual Flame Photometric and Flame Ionization Detector is already available. A general ionized compounds detector and a selective sulphur and phosphorous trace compounds analysis for positive and negative ions in a single detector. Large dynamic range (>104) and best selectivity and sensitivity. Autozero and EPC for all gases. Working temperature from 25 to 250ºC in 0.1ºC increments. Unique to Konik!

MicroTCD Detector
- 2002 to date

The Konik Micro TCD Detector uses one filament for each cell (sample and reference) and its optimized dead volume is suitable for capillary and megabore columns, and uses the same electrometer power supply. Two Micro TCD's can be fitted simultaneously into the normalised Konik HRGC 4000B and are compatible with previous KONIK 4000 and 3000 models due to the normalised KONIK modularity design concept. 

HRGC/HPLC/DIP Mass Quadrupole
- 2003 to date

New and unique mass detector, modularly retrofittable, for GC, HPLC and DIP. Provides the best sensitivity in all GC/MS and LC/MS ionization modes. Mass range up to 2000+ amu.

New KONIK HPLC+HRGC K2 Opening New Dimensions
- 2004 to date

The KONIK HPLC+HRGC K2 opens the innovative world of multidimensional LC/HPLC+HRGC. The K2 is an innovative product from an innovative company!

- 2005 to date

HPLC/HRGC/DIP+MS all in one

The new dimension in molecular analysis